• I am Thanos Chatzitsakos

    Wellcome to my
    Computer Graphics Portfolio.

What I do

Web Design

I can design your personal or company's professional site.

Logo Design

I can design your personal or company's professional logo.

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I can design and print your corporate identity. Business cards, flyers, posters, menus, catalogs, ect.

A small sample of my work

A little about me

My name is Thanos Chatzitsakos,
I am a Computer Graphics Designer.

I have the knowledge and skills to build a website using html & css.
I can also design Logos, Business Cards, Flyers, Posters. Digital designs in general, for printing and/or the screen.
I use Photoshop on a daily basis for years, I often edit and re-master images, color correction, cut out, retouch.
I also like doodling digitally, using a graphics tablet straight on the computer , as well as traditionally on a sketchbook, mainly using pencils or black ink on various brushes.

Other than computer graphics, I work as a photographer, and on my free time i experiment with Video recording and editing.

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Web Design (HTML/CSS) 90%
Computer Graphics (Illustrator) 85%
Photo Editing (Photoshop) 90%
Video (Premiere) 80%
In Design 70%